World Customize Creator


World Customize Creator ~ Bahasa Indonesia

Penulis: Hero Tennki

Ilustrator: Kyouka Hatori

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Tagami Yusuke, yang dipimpin oleh suara misterius, dipanggil ke dunia lain, "Caltsio". Dia hanyalah seorang pecinta video-game muda, tapi takdir memutuskan untuk membuatnya menjadi "Dewa Jahat Bencana" di dunia ini, memperoleh kemampuan untuk membuat dan menyesuaikan segala sesuatu, Customize Creation.

World Customize Creator (Web Novel)


Bab 1: Kuil Dewa Jahat

Bab 2: Rambut Hitam

Bab 3: Tinggal di Desa Rufk

Bab 4: Sanc Adiet

Bab 5: Spekulasi Zeshald

Bab 6: Awal Hari-Hari Baru

Bab 7: Sang Putri Api

Bab 8: Keputusan Yuusuke

Bab 9: Gerbang Alun-Alun Distrik Orang Biasa

Bab 10: Akhir dari Kekacauan "Dua Hari – Satu Malam"

Bab 11: Membuka Jalan

Bab 12: Istana Volance

Bab 13: The First Mission of the Evil God Corps

Bab 14: Gearhawk Fortress

Bab 15: Rain From the Empty Sky

Bab 16: Under the Sun and the Starry Sky

Bab 17: The Daily Life and Rest Day of a Soldier

Bab 18: An [Artless] Traveler

Bab 19: True State of the Blue Garden

Bab 20: Turning the Tide

Bab 21: Zeshald’s Request

Bab 22: Harvest Festival

Bab 23: Water Mirror

Bab 24: Deernook Fortress

Bab 25: White Shadow

Bab 26: Evil God’s Roar

Bab 27: Miscalculation

Bab 28: Shinha’s Warning

Bab 29: The Repatriation of the Darkness God Corps

Bab 30: Mission Complete

Bab 31: From Now On

Bab 32: Ghost of the Middle Class District (Part 1)

Bab 33: Ghost of the middle class district (Part 2)

Bab 34: The Short Peace

Bab 35: Midnight Rumble

Bab 36: Shadow of Conspiracy

Bab 37: The Omens of the Wind

Bab 38: White Beast

Bab 39: At the Artless Village

Bab 40: Flames, fangs, and an underground city

Bab 41: Under the water surface

Bab 42: Singing Princesses of Sanc Adiet

Bab 43: Medicine, Doubts, and a Peaceful Night

Bab 44: Hero’s Irony

Bab 45: Nossentes (Lunaris)

Bab 46: Crossing Trent Rietta

Bab 47: At the Port Town

Bab 48: Patrucia Nost

Bab 49: Omen

Bab 50: Deceiving Sisters

Bab 51: The Fall of the Empty Castle

Bab 52: Divine Parliament’s Conspiracy

Bab 53: Fickle Song of the Honeybee (Part 1)

Bab 54: Fickle Song of the Honeybee (Part 2)

Bab 55: Fickle Song of the Honeybee (Part 3)

Chapter 56: Aftermath

Chapter 57: The Tie up and many problems

Chapter 58: Disturbing Signs

Chapter 59: Sun’s Determination

Chapter 60: Natural Enemy

Chapter 61: The afterwards of a melancholy cloud

Chapter 62: The Secret meaning behind the wind

Chapter 63: End of the Season (Calendar), Start of the Holiday

Chapter 64: The Dance Festival (Part 1)

Chapter 65: The Dance Festival (Part 2)

Chapter 66: Shadow of Disaster

Chapter 67: Night scenery of Rinwaal

Chapter 68: Trouble at Driadria

Chapter 69: The Root Tree Forest

Chapter 70: Fragment of Doubt

Chapter 71: Onwards to the Evil Beast Institute

Chapter 72: The Village Oracle

Chapter 73: Facility Control Strategy

Chapter 74: The First Day’s Search

Chapter 75: Sealing the Institute

Chapter 76: The Wind Clan

Chapter 77: The Ambitions of the House of Elfdras

Chapter 78: Trent Rietta’s Civil War

Chapter 79: Valerie of the Flame Whip

Chapter 80: Conference of the Three

Chapter 81: Happenings on the street of the relay town

Chapter 82: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 1)

Chapter 83: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 2)

Chapter 84: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 3)

Chapter 85: The Queen’s Proposal

Chapter 86: Special force (Spec ops)

Chapter 87: Hostilities Within the Royal Court

Chapter 88: In the Countermeasure Meeting

Chapter 89: The Singing Princess’ Hidden Actions

Chapter 90: Tactics

Chapter 91: Melancholy of the Wise King

Chapter 92: Festival of Creation. The Parade

Chapter 93: The Night of the Season and the Beginning of Dawn

Chapter 94: Assassins

Chapter 95: Underlying Circumstances

Chapter 96:

Chapter 97: Decision and Preachings

Chapter 98: Gazzetta's Harbor

Chapter 99:

Chapter 100: World Customize Creator


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